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Have you noticed your body changing? Do your injuries prevent you from ease of motion? Is your body limiting your favorite activities? Were your 30’s different from your 40’s and so on? Be honest with yourself, whether you are in your 30’s or well on your way through your 70’s, is your body changing or aging? At Bend Your Body, the philosophy is simple.

bend your body, stretch your mind.

Bend Your Body is owned and operated by Lisa Quinlivan, who customizes her approach to
your unique health and desired goals. Proper physical movement is at the heart of aging with
ease of motion, physical strength, and joy. Regardless of your health condition or age,
Lisa can provide in-depth, physical guidance designed specifically for your health and fitness.
At Bend Your Body, located in the Northwest Crossing neighborhood of Bend, Oregon, Lisa
offers Pilates, Massage and Personal Training. Sessions with Lisa are safe, effective
and versatile. She assists you in reaching your exercise goals, healing injuries
and moving through physical plateaus. If you are looking for consistent,
holistic and informed physical care, consider a session at
Bend Your Body where physical movement in body
and mind, frees you to change and thrive.
Lisa offers first-time clients a discount, and is available
to answer questions about bending your body. Contact
her for an appointment by phone, text or e-mail.

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