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Lisa is highly adept at assessing, treating and improving physical movement patterns. Her professional skills facilitate ease of motion, minimize wear and tear and help to create a balanced and strong body. She works with the full spectrum of the human condition and provides an informed and educated experience, safely customized specifically for you. Lisa offers you 18 years of hands-on experience and an education based in anatomy, massage therapy, functional movement, aerobic conditioning, core muscle development and strength training.

Lisa has developed her excellent observation skills of physical movement, by having spent over a dozen seasons as a ski instructor in her youth and 18 years as a healthcare provider. While studying and working in Asia, Lisa’s appreciation for alternate medical care blossomed and influenced her current skill set. From traveling the globe observing aging from many cultural paradigms, Lisa has come to understand that aging is inevitable and aging with ease of movement is ideal. Lisa maintains her professional skills, certifications and licensing with a focus on physical movement and the aging process.   

Through first-hand experiences with injuries (breaks, strains, tears and wear) Lisa has deepened her passion to help others overcome the unavoidable discomfort and pain that can come from both injuries and the natural aging process. Today, Lisa enjoys telemark skiing, biking, and trail running throughout Bend and Central Oregon. She is an avid reader, a curious global traveler and thrives with her husband Tom and their “forever young” dog, Ruby.

Lisa’s wisdom of her own body and mind, as well as those of her clients, is unsurpassed.  She has incredible intuition and communicates with clarity and grace. Her heart is gigantic, and any client who works with Lisa realizes that they have come upon a rare gift. -Lisa Ruiz, D.C.


Continuing Education for all professional credentials and skills, 1998 to present

Certified Yoga Instructor, Yoga Alliance 200-hour RYT, 2017
Golf Fitness Specialist, Titleist Performance Institute, 2015
Certified Personal Trainer and Senior Fitness Specialist, American Council of Exercise, 2012
Certified Pilates Instructor, Romana’s Pilates NYC 900-hour Certification, 2004
Licensed Massage Therapist, Seattle Massage School, 1998
BA Asian Studies, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1994

Lisa is happy to answer your questions, and offers first-time clients a discount.
She is available by appointment, and can be reached by phone, text or email.

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