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At Bend Your Body, physical movement is at the heart of aging with ease of motion and physical strength. Your desired goals, previous training, injuries, health condition and body mechanics are all taken into consideration as Lisa works with you to develop a training regimen specifically for you. Lisa will focus and improve your cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength and flexibility, core muscle development, functional and dynamic movement, balance and posture. Sessions with Lisa are safe, effective and versatile. She assists you in successfully reaching your exercise goals, healing injuries and moving you through physical plateaus.

Age with intelligence and move
with ease at Bend Your Body!

For training variety, Lisa can bring Bend Your Body outdoors, including the many trails and parks that the Bend area has to offer. Lisa also designs training routes specific to your goals and skill level. Cardiovascular conditioning will improve your functional movement with the use of tools like a heart rate monitor, dynamic active stretching, consistent warm-ups and cool-downs and proper hydration and nutrition. With each session you can expect the use of these specific tools where appropriate: Thera-bands and balls, BOSU ball, foam rollers, hand weights, gravity vests, jump ropes, kettle ball weights, balance discs, Pilates equipement and more. With proper instruction, these tools are effective, fun and safe.

Lisa is happy to answer your questions, and offers first-time clients a discount. She is available by appointment and can be reached by phone, text and email to schedule your session.

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