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Pilates and more

Pilates is an intelligent exercise program designed to lengthen and strengthen the human body while developing a group of core muscles called “the Power House.” Specific equipment and movement instructions are incorporated into each session to improve, enhance and maintain your body’s natural strength, beauty and form. Pilates is effective for enhancing movement in all stages of life and can compliment and improve sport-specific activities and performance.

There are over 500 exercises and a lifetime
to practice them!

At Bend Your Body each session of Pilates begins with an assessment of your health condition, goals and how to achieve them. Lisa will work with you to improve your posture, whole-body alignment, balance, strength and muscular length. She uses a variety of tools including a full line of Gratz Classical Pilates equipment and Balanced Body’s Core Align. Lisa also incorporates a variety of balls, bands, magic circles and more, for a dynamic and fun workout session.

Every session with Lisa Quinlivan is an investment in your time that will come back to you as you age, change and thrive. In addition to her foundation and training in Classical Pilates, Lisa continues to educate herself to keep her scope of practice informed, fresh and professional. She has grown to appreciate and utilize many methods of Pilates, and teaches from a broad spectrum of methods to create a contemporary and customized session just for you.

Lisa is happy to answer your questions, and offers first-time clients a discount. She is available by appointment and can be reached by phone, text and email to schedule your session.

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